Last time on The Lush, we got to the root of what makes the softest toilet paper— virgin pulp from old-growth trees. They’re the heart of what we do here, and we want to empower you to choose your forest to suit your TP tastes.

But we’re all about the Flushparency— and that means showing you all of your tree-based toilet paper options. Without naming any names, of course. We like to keep it classy at Flush.

So what toilet paper companies are Flush up against? What forests are they cutting down? And do they use anything besides virgin pulp? Let’s take a look.

The Biggest Big Paper Brand

We’re not gonna lie— this company is to Flush what the Amazon Rainforest is to your local city park. The Big Kahuna of tissue product companies, they make it all. Toilet paper from virgin trees, facial tissue, paper towels, diapers, and more.

Which Forest Does This Big Brand Source for Paper Products?

You know we’re all about choice here at Flush— sadly, they aren’t. They source their virgin trees from a few different forests around the world, but they don’t provide you with choices or Flushparency like we do. 

So where do they source their trees? They’ve set up shop in the Boreal and the Amazon Rainforest. Their Paper Mill in Ontario logs almost exclusively from Ontario’s own Kenogami Forest. And in the Amazon, they’re digging deep into the lungs of the planet for Brazilian eucalyptus.

They use about 3 million tons a year of sweet, old-growth virgin fiber to make their tissue products. Some of their products contain recycled paper pulp (about 20% worldwide), but this is mostly for their commercial lines. They know that virgin trees make the softest toilet paper— recycled pulp can’t even come close to the softness that an old-growth tree provides your bum.

We gotta hand it to them— they make a good TP. Unlike Flush, though, they don’t ensure that the trees are single-origin, nor do they let customers choose their own forest.

The Big Brand that prides themselves on the softest TP

If you live in the United States, chances are you’ve got a multitude of this company’s products in your home. In fact, it’s the largest supplier of household products in America. 

Which Forest Does This Company Log for Toilet Paper?

This super-soft brand has also made the boooooooring choice to log solely from the Boreal forest. Yawn. Don’t get us wrong— we ❤️  the Boreal! We just think that you should be able to switch up the trees you’re flushing down the toilet based on your personal preference.

Unlike the brand above, this one has gone all-in on virgin pulp. No second-rate recycled pulp for their brands. 

But can Boreal trees really stand up to the durability of the bad-ass ponderosa pines in our Northwestern Lushberjack? Doubtful.

The Brand That’s Keeping the Loo Roll Local

Ah, Georgia. Peaches, sweet tea, and TP. 

This Big brand is a southern born-and-bred paper manufacturing giant. They have about 300 mills and factories all over the United States, but it’s in the South that they really shine. 

Their big mill in Virginia, has been churning out virgin tree paper products for over 150 years. #GOALS

Which Forest Do They Log for Toilet Paper?

This brand sticks to the South when it comes to sourcing old-growth trees. There’s just nothing like a good Southern pine when it’s bathroom time. 

That’s why we also offer a sweet Southern Tide Roll for those of you who want to stay true to those Antebellum roots. This won’t clog your pipes like theirs does.

What About Tree-Free Toilet Paper Brands?

Actually last time on the Lush we talked a little bit about bamboo toilet paper as an eco-friendly alternative to TP made from virgin trees. 

Some brands out there are only using bamboo to make toilet paper. But we’re a little wary.

At Flush we pride ourselves on providing you with choice. The choice of which forest to cut down, the choice of how soft or sturdy you want your toilet paper, the choice to buy the best toilet paper that suits your needs. 

Can bamboo toilet paper really provide you with the quality, bespoke experience that we strive to achieve?

We’re still not convinced.

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