We made a fake TP company.

Flush is fake. But the problem shockingly real.

You literally choose which old-growth forest to flush when you choose a Big Toilet Paper brand.

Wipe with your favorite forest.

Choose the perfect old-growth forest for your toilet paper.

Your choice of four fresh forests. Delivered right to your door when you need it.

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

100% paper, 0% trees, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Choose your TP, Choose your forest, 

Bamboo saves trees.

It grows 50x faster than trees. So we made toilet paper and paper towels out of it.

It’s 100% soft and 0% trees, plus it shows up at your door when you need it.


Toilet paper, reinvented.

You know the vegan cow your yogurt comes from. Now know what you wipe with.

When we started to do the research, we realized no one knows where their TP comes from. Until now. 🤯


Sorry for trolling. But people have been shouting about this for decades.

Nonprofits work hard to get the world to pay attention. Big Paper has had it’s way for 150 years. Governments openly welcome deforestation. As long as people don’t know what Big Paper is doing, they don’t have to change. So for Earth Day 2021, we wanted to change the conversation.


If something’s gonna touch our bum, shouldn’t we choose where it’s from?

We know exactly where our coffee beans come from. We know the beautiful journey the kale took to our sandwich. Gosh darnit, we should know which forest we’re wiping with. We want to feel the wood chips in the packaging. This is America. Choice and transparency are core to who we are.

Big toilet paper brands are cutting down old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest.
It seems insane to us but the Boreal is the TP industry’s favorite location. It’s especially long fibers make it ideal for ultra soft TP. The Canadian government openly allows big brands to clear cut 150 year-old trees in the Arctic—a place where we desperately need to sequester Carbon.
One large TP brand has cut down old-growth forests in the South East for almost 100 years.
Big TP brands are still cutting down massive swaths of old-growth trees in the Amazon, like the Cerá region. It devistates the climate, the wildlife and the local populations.

Shockingly this map isn’t fake.

Big TP brands’ products are sourced from virgin old-growth forest. They require the long fibers you can only get from 150+ year-old virgin trees. Our lawyers say we can’t call them out by name but hover over the (+) symbols to the left to learn more.

A forest for every flush.

Each big TP brand cuts down from only ONE virgin old-growth forest. But we’re not a monolith. There are 73 different kinds of mayonnaise, but only one kind of TP? We are the first in the world to let you choose your forest to match the moment you need.

And these are only partly fake

It may not have Flush’s label, but when you buy major brands, you are literally unknowingly choosing an old-growth forests in the Boreal, Amazon, and South Eastern USA.

Four Fresh Forests

From the Canada to Brazil, we work with governments across the globe to ensure a steady supply of the lusciously long fibers in old-growth trees.

The Internet loves the Reveal

We revealed that Flush was fake on Earth Day and the internet loved it.

The internet hates Flush

But it’s practically the same as normal toilet paper. Here are some real reactions.

Why are we cutting down old growth forests?


Your really advertising that your cutting down old growth trees to wipe butts with?! In this day and age when we are trying to preserve our forests for oxygen and your bragging about cutting down the oldest of the trees. Wow!


You’re cutting down old growth trees to make toilet paper? What an asinine idea, if it’s actually real. People should boycott!!!


I’m disheartened and disgusted a business is specifically built around further destroying old growth forests. Do you really not understand that we must treasure and protect those forests that remain not only for the magnificence of their age and beauty.


And you’re proud that you’re cutting down old growth forests so rich people can wipe their asses? Y’all some twisted mf’ers!


Bamboo is the

That’s why we at Cloud Paper are on a mission to help everyone become tree-free.

growth per day
faster growing than trees
faster than trees at absorbing first 500lbs of CO2

We believe in

Tree to table, cradle to throne total transparency. So you choose for yourself which forest is best for you.

avg miles from tree to customer
avg people involved in creating one roll
avg number of toilet paper rolls in a single tree

You won’t notice a difference but the planet absolutely will.

Bamboo TP is ultra soft, just like tree-based TP. It’s septic-safe and is the same effort to process as normal tree fiber. Not to mention when you subscribe, it shows up at your door when you need it.

You never have to change a thing and you’re making an impact. There are a ton of great ways to fight climate change. This one is among the easiest.


Old-growth trees saved
Forest animals saved
Extra lbs of CO2 absorbed every year

You’ll immediately notice the difference of knowing the forest on your backside.

Once you try it, you’re hooked. People keep telling us just how much they had no idea where their toilet paper came from. We love seeing people’s very animated reaction to our business idea. Once people know the truth about toilet paper, they seem to get pretty excited about it.


A new industry watermark
in each box
Avg person consumes a year

We roll


Roll with us.




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